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Social Media Integrations

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New Feature!

Turn your website into a powerful crowd-funding website like Kickstarter, perfect for local fundraising for non-profits, small businesses, scholarships and more. Contact us for more information and custom pricing.

Simple Integration


We set-up accounts for you or your business, link them to your website and add sharing options to your site (optional).


Pay With a Like

We offer our clients the ability to offer their customers a promo or benefit such as a coupon in exchange for a like, share or a tweet. Our system tracks the conversion of your customers to only provide access to your promo once they have shared your site or deal with their social network(s). This is an effective way to increase your overall social reach and impressions.


Keep Up With Your Fans

One of the most challenging tasks involved in running a successful website and social campaign is continuing to refresh your accounts and blog with new content without boring your audience to tears. We offer solutions that allow you to manage your Facebook status, Twitter Feed and more without ever leaving your website.