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We offer a wide variety of services to obscure, harden and optimize your website vulnerabilities by securing weak passwords, downgrading default user accounts, SQL table prefixes and optimize user permissions.


Once sensitive information that is used to target your site is hidden, we turn our attention to patching any security holes. With a simple security scan we can identify many security concerns and quickly remedy them before they can be exploited.


Hacking or malicious attacks of your website could not only take your entire site offline. These attacks can adversely affect your hard earned search engine rankings and even divert your web traffic to another site all together. You can even lose valuable revenue if your clients notice the effects before you do. Detecting a breach in security is a top priority which is why you need the advantage of detection bots and routine security scanning.


Nothing is more frustrating than an offline website at the hands of a hacker or malicious code injection. These processes are often time automated which makes their methods and mode of operation very predictable. We help you get your site back online quicker with automatic site back-ups (complete and database only packages available) as well as code recovery and code cleaning features as well. When your site goes down, the most important thing is how quickly we can get you back online.

New Security Feature!


We offer IP filtering and blacklisting that cross-references known spammers and malware IP addresses to instantly block them from accessing your site. With this flexibility, you can easily add a spammer to the blacklist to restrict future access.

We also offer the ability to block hacks even if they switch IP address in an attempt to conceal their presence. Ban an entire network or a range of IP addresses for a specific country or geographic region. We know that your website is an investment in your company’s success. We help you keep your website online where it belongs because you have more important things to worry about.


Two-Factor Authentication

Protect yourself against brute-force hacks and strengthen your website with our two-factor authentication service. With two-factor authentication, a user will need two separate factors to gain access to the website. The first factor is a conventional username and password while a second factor such as a cell phone or e-maill account is required to enter a one-time-use security confirmation code. To prevent you from locking yourself out of your website, a master code is provided and should be kept somewhere safe.

Website Firewall

By providing a barrier between your website and the rest of the internet, you can effectively block incoming traffic that may pose a risk to your site and your company. Obviously a website is designed to have traffic and blocking traffic eliminates any web presence your site may have. A firewall provides security parameters to prevent unauthorized access into your website such as malware, viruses or other malicious code that is often injected loosely in your website to create a backdoor and direct access to your entire system.