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Custom QR Codes

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qr-code-promoQR Codes are an immense marketing tool. You can code data into these simple 2-D barcodes that perform simple functions such as taking a user directly to your website, saving your contact information, sending an SMS text message, encoding a message and much more. While encoding URL’s is the primary tool for QR Codes, there is a lot of creative flexibility within the data for each code. While a simple stock QR Code is simple black and white and fairly boring, we can theme and tweak a QR Code to include your logo, cool designs, custom color schemes and much more. Our services even include test scanning during the development of your code (not after) to ensure your design is optimized for optimum scan compatibility. Once we are done, we provide you with high quality, high resolution files of your code so you can sport  it on everything from a business card to window stickers and any size in between. Need a jumbo size for a banner or other promotional item? No problem, just send us the dimensions that you need and you can take the file straight to the printers.

Take a look at a real QR Code makeover.

Just slide the panel below to view the before and after versions.

QR Code Before and After