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Comfortably seated within the ever-changing 21st Century, technology can both hinder and grow a business into a successful venture. We aim to help you embrace technology to fit the diverse and complex buyer’s market by creating not only a web page but a business relationship that will stand by you as you develop and enhance your business.

Our primary philosophy is to let the technology do the marketing for you which will save money and increase productivity. How do we do this? Simply by strategically creating a series of social networks and utilizing new technology that connects individual people to your business around the clock.

Imagine the ability to encode all your business attributes including business name, phone number, hours of operation, interactive map, company logo, website address, emails and driving directions to your location within a single bar-code.

Imagine now that this bar-code could be decoded by the consumer via SmartPhone Technology both on-the-go, in transit or leisurely at home and with minimal effort. This is now a reality and QR Database Linkages are becoming so immensely popular that an entire market and hobby has emerged toward digitizing, encoding and decoding our world in bar-code form.

Marketing a business by utilizing the newest technology and balancing on the forefront of innovation ensures the most primitive of essential business needs; an adaptive ability in a constantly changing business environment.

With your needs in mind, whether an early adopter or a business with basic needs, we offer designing and planning solutions to cater to the most complex and the most basic web page needs.

I have been making and designing web pages since I was 10 years old. In 1996, I created a website for my elementary school which became the first independently made school web page in all San Gabriel Valley and I have been building web sites ever since. With well over 12 years of web designing experience, I am so confident you will be satisfied with your page that if I cannot serve your web design needs for any reason, I will personally refer you to someone who can!