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  DeSalvio Web DeSigns - Web Design - San Dimas, CA, 91773


Welcome to DeSalvio Web DeSigns LLC. In the time I have been designing websites for the public, I have seen technology grow from a time when there were no users, no site visits mainly because only 20% of households had internet and 90% of those potential users were using Dial-up. The other 10% had DSL connections but only if they were lucky enough to reside within 1 sq mile of their providers. Today, a website has to be compatible with not only desktop computers; take this a step further, we have to consider compatibility with laptops, tablets and smartphones as well; all with different browsers and varying screen resolutions. We design all of our websites to be accessible on all devices- standard, but sometimes a client may want to optimize their content for mobile users. In situations such as this, we opt for a responsive design that will adapt and rearrange the site’s content automatically once the screen size has been detected. Curious to see how this works? Access our site from your smartphone, tablet or laptop- does it look the same? This method is stable, light-weight and ensures that you never have a client that cannot access your awesome site content!

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+ Services Offered

Custom Web Design
Graphic Design
Responsive Web Design
Software Integrations

Ave Site Traffic Increase


On average, our clients save



Custom Web Development

Define your identity with custom creativity.

Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited storage and bandwidth: Standard


We maintain your site around the clock.


Say goodbye to hackers, SPAM and malware!

Custom QR Codes

Embed your logo and be smartphone ready!

Social Media Integrations

Networking- Increase your web traffic


Got something to sell? We make it happen.

Virtual Tours

Set yourself apart from your competitors


100% Responsive Design

Responsive websites automatically adjust to the screen size of your device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.) Users get 100% of your content 100% of the time.

Retina Ready

Optimized for Retina Design to provide brilliant resolution and clarity on the newest devices on the market.

Advanced Content Builder

With specialized content optimization tools, creating and organizing your ideas has never been easier!

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